/Clarkson Formally Apologizes Following the N-word Fiasco

Clarkson Formally Apologizes Following the N-word Fiasco

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Yesterday, as I’m sure you realized, the internet was abuzz with news of Top Gear’s front man Jeremy Clarkson using the n-word in an unaired film they had made a couple of years ago. Jezza first denied using the word at all, but after the Mirror released a video of the infamous take, he released a video of his own, admitting to it and explaining how it went down.

Clarkson admitted that in one of the takes for the Toyota GT86 film which included the “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” rhyme he was told to use the original and “offensive” version which includes the n-word. He did so, but in a way that it would be impossible to notice. However, he viewed the footage later on and found that you can actually hear the word if you crank up the volume.

Clarkson was “mortified” by that, so he wrote a note to the production office and asked them to replace this take with another one in which he had replaced the n-word with “teacher”. That was the version that actually aired.

In the end, Clarkson formally apologizes for the whole thing, acknowledges that it was wrong, and begs for forgiveness. We bet the Daily Mail is very happy now.

Watch Clarkson’s apology video on Twitpic (via WCF)

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