/Dude! This Is NOT How You Transport Aston Martins

Dude! This Is NOT How You Transport Aston Martins

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Take a few moments and look at this picture. And if you came up with an explanation for what you see, please let us know because we are completely baffled! These guys have apparently found a new and ultra-efficient way to transport Aston Martins by piling them on top of each other without any regard whatsoever for their well-being.

You wouldn’t transport scrap metal like this, but here we are. Of course, there is a possibility that this picture is fake and the result of someone’s mad Photoshop skills, in which case we have to say kudos to the man who did it. But the strapping and the general disposition of that DB9 under stress seems too real. And how the hell did they get that second DB9 on top?

We don’t know yet where this photo was taken, or where this atrocity was made in the first place. But according to the source the destination of the cargo is Poland. Eastern Bloc, eh? All of a sdden this whole thing seems less mind-bending…

Photo from Autogespot via Autoevolution

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