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Land Rover History and Photo Gallery

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The word “rover” in Polish means a bike. But to many people the word “rover” immediately invokes thoughts of one thing: the Land Rover car.  The Land Rover Company is a British car manufacturer that has its headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The journey began around 1860, when J.K. Starley started manufacturing sewing machines in the Coventry area of England.

The name “Rover” was utilized for the very first time with Starley’s newest additions to his sewing machine business: the Rover “Safety” bicycle and the “Safety” tricycle. These early bicycles and tricycles became the precursor for the modernized bicycle with pedals that we have today. While Rover began building its first car in 1904, the official “Land Rover” project was not initiated until September of 1947.

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The first original Land Rover vehicle was designed by Maurice Wilks, who was the head designer at the Rover Company. It is said that the prototype for the original Land Rover that Wilks laid out was primarily inspired by a World War II American Jeep. Then, at the Amsterdam Motor Show on April 30, 1948, the very first Land Rover was officially introduced. After the Series II and Series IIA vehicles were produced, the Rover was incorporated into Leyland Motors Ltd. Shortly after this incorporation, the Range Rover was introduced along with the launch of the Series III. The Series III was innovative in its engine construction, as the compression of the engine was increased. It was the first model to showcase synchromesh on all four of its gears. Then, the V8-engined Stage One 109, was introduced as a model that allowed for more space expansion of the engine.

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Over a century ago, the Land Rover Company began manufacturing vehicles and throughout the years has seen its fair share of owners. In 1994 the Rover Group came under ownership of BMW, who after six years sold the Rover Company to the Ford Motor Company for more than one billion dollars. Today the Land Rover Company is owned by the Indian Company called Tata Motors, and helped to form part of their Jaguar Land Rover group.

One of the strikingly unique aspects of the Land Rover vehicle has to do with the makeup of the car. For instance, after World War II, the Land Rover was constructed with “Brimabright aluminum” and “magnesium propriety alloy.” This distinctive combination of materials allowed the vehicles to be more lightweight than their counterparts as well as making the Land Rover able to repel rust more effectively.

The most current models in the United Kingdom, which you most definitely be able to find, for example, at Tim Fry Landrover, include the following: the Defender, the Freelander 2, the Discovery 4, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Sport. The most current models in the United States include the Land Rover LR2, Land Rover LR4, as well as other compact, mid-size and full-size SUVs such as the Range Rover.

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