/Valet Smashes Lamborghini Aventador Into Passing SUV

Valet Smashes Lamborghini Aventador Into Passing SUV

lambo suv crash 600x322 at Valet Smashes Lamborghini Aventador Into Passing SUV

If you are a middle-aged valet parking cars for a living, chances are your life is not going as well as you’d hoped it would, even if you are a valet for one of Monaco’s most prestigious hotels. Now imagine turning up at work someday and crashing a €300K Lamborghini Aventador. How would you feel?

Well, we should ask this guy because that is exactly what he’s managed to do:

The reason for this crash, as far as we can tell watching the video, is because the valet was too vigorous with the throttle. He put the car in first gear and just hit it like he’s parking a Peugeot, and, well, the rest is history. Lucky for him the damage is light, as the only cracked bit on the car is the front bumper. Unlucky for him, a Lamborghini Aventador front bumper costs as much as a small hatchback.

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