/Bugatti Veyron Drag Race: SuperSport vs Vitesse

Bugatti Veyron Drag Race: SuperSport vs Vitesse

SuperSport vs Vitesse 600x334 at Bugatti Veyron Drag Race: SuperSport vs Vitesse

In the world of hyper cars Bugatti Veyron is a benchmark by which other cars are measured. But the Veyron itself has a couple of different variants, and it would be fun to try and find out which one if the fastest. Of course the SuperSport is faster than a normal 16.4, but what about the Vitesse?

Two participants in the GoldRush Rally decided to settle the argument by a SuperSport vs Vitesse drag race:


For those of you who might be a bit confused, Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is the open-top version of the SuperSport. They both have 1,200 horsepower engines, but due to aerodynamic properties and weight differences, the Vitesse is a bit slower. As it turned out, thanks to this drag race, there is only a tenth of a second in it, but that is enough for the SuperSport to emerge victorious.


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