/Fire-Spitting DMC Aventador LP900 from Dubai

Fire-Spitting DMC Aventador LP900 from Dubai

fire dmc aventa 600x336 at Fire Spitting DMC Aventador LP900 from Dubai

DMC’s Lamborghini Aventador styling kit is so unique and nice to look at that you’d be forgiven for not caring one bit about what’s underneath that body. That’s a shame, because these cars come with the LP900 package, which, as the name suggests, delivers 900 horsepower, and a lot of fire!

This DMC Aventador LP900 is a limited edition version sent to Dubai. Here, in the middle of the night, on an awesome-looking empty highway, the car has a chance to clear its throats and let out a few bursts of flames:

DMC Aventador LP900 benefits from a unique engine upgrade treatment with twelve single intake throttle plates for each cylinder, a custom titanium exhaust system, and of course, remapped electronics. Visually, the car gets an exaggerated Molto Veloce kit with massive front splitter and rear diffuser, plus a SV-style rear wing.

Via TheCarHotel Photography

dmc aventa 600x399 at Fire Spitting DMC Aventador LP900 from Dubai

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