/God’s Wrath in Action? Lightning Strikes Moving Truck!

God’s Wrath in Action? Lightning Strikes Moving Truck!

Lightning Strikes Moving Truck 600x406 at God’s Wrath in Action? Lightning Strikes Moving Truck!

What you are about to see is one of the freakiest acts of nature. A happy Canadian couple called Al and Betty Perry were driving their pickup truck down a local highway minding their own business when all of a sudden BOOM! A lightning bolt landed right on their car, as if God himself aimed it at them.

Now, if we didn’t believe in science and that there is a logical explanation for everything, this incident would have freaked us out! A few hundred years ago, such incident would call for a mass sacrifice to the god of thunder. These days, we can attribute it to the size of the truck, the fact that it’s made largely from metal, global warming – just because these days every bad thing is caused by global warming – and ultimately, back luck.

The whole thing was captured on a security camera:

The lightning melted half of the vehicle, messed up all the onboard electronic devices and caused the airbags to deploy. Fortunately, though, Al and Betty were rescued by a Police officer who was passing by. A few days later they celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.

Via Carbuzz

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