/Lamborghini Aventador Combo Spot in Monaco

Lamborghini Aventador Combo Spot in Monaco

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Granted, you need something way more attractive, and a lot rarer, than Lamborghini Aventador to attract attention in a place like Monaco. But still, it is hard to ignore this car when you see it in pairs, especially if they feature such cool colors!

This Lamborghini Aventador combo were spotted hanging out in front of some luxury store in Monaco. They both feature deep metallic, candy sort of colors– one blue and one black. And as much as we like the style of the black one, we have to admit the blue one wins the desirability contest here hands down.

Lamborghini really hit a homerun with the Aventador. When they first launched this car, a lot of people criticized it for being too soft and too easy to drive. They said a real Lambo should be scary and hard to live with. But as it turned out, those who could actually afford the Aventador love the idea of looking intimidating, but not having to deal with the scary bits.

That’s what the Aventador offers. It looks like something only Chuck Yeager would be able to handle, while in reality, it is as easy to drive as a family hatchback. Sure, it does some ungodly things like throwing massive flames, but that’s just one of its shenanigans.

Photos via Autogespot

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