/Porsche 911 C2 Beats BMW M4 in Evo Track Battle

Porsche 911 C2 Beats BMW M4 in Evo Track Battle

m4 911 battle 600x335 at Porsche 911 C2 Beats BMW M4 in Evo Track Battle

Like it or not, the performance of a sports car on the race track is an important factor in choosing one over the other, if just for the bragging rights. So if you just bought a brand-new BMW M4 you may want to look the other way because this video shows it losing to a smaller, less powerful, and quite a bit older car.

There is of course no shame in this for the BMW, as the car that beat it is the mighty Porsche 911. The point that stings a bit is the fact that it’s a basic, run of the mill Carrera 2. A Carrera 4S, then, could potentially make mincemeat of the Bimmer.

So to sum up what we learned here: The Porsche has just the right amount of power, grip and balance, and if you want to have fun on the track, it is the only choice. BMW M4, on the other hand, is tuned to be a better street car. The M4 is setup for oversteer, which means it is setup for fun and not lap times.

Video by Evo

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