/Angry Londoner Throws Apple at Loud Lamborghini!

Angry Londoner Throws Apple at Loud Lamborghini!

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Knightsbridge is one of the most prestigious streets in London and a wonderful place to live in. Unfortunately, this prestige has now become a burden for the residents, as all year round they have to listen to the loud noise of the super cars that frequent this area. Now, it appears, they have had enough and are starting to act out!

One of these residents, frustrated by a Lamborghini driver who kept revving his car while sitting in traffic, threw an apple at it from his apartment’s window. The weaponized fruit hit the matte black Aventador on the driver side window, but probably didn’t cause any damage.

As to why exotic car owners like Knightsbridge so much, we reckon they think coming to this place with their expensive cars makes them look sophisticated. In reality though, most of them look like colossal idiots cuising around in a 700 horsepower car at 10 mph, annoying the citizens with their extra loud exhausts. Another theory says they come here to pick up women. Most of these guys are Arabs, and if they try that in their own countries they will probably end up in jail, or worse.

A while ago another angry citizen attacked another Aventador with rocks. So this will probably catch on!

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