/First-World Problems: Porsche Carrera GT and the Card Machine!

First-World Problems: Porsche Carrera GT and the Card Machine!

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We have listened to Jay Leno complaining about the impracticality of his Porsche Carrera GT a number of times, and to be honest we attributed that to him becoming a grumpy old man. But he was right. The CGT can sometime be a major pain in the backside!

The problem with this car, and countless other super cars, is the width and height. Unlike normal cars, super cars are often wide and low, and that makes dealing with some of day to day issues a bit harder. We are talking about going over a speed bump, or getting out of a parking lot where the card reader is too tall. The owner of this Porsche Carrera GT probably pulled a couple of important muscles trying to accomplish this simple task.

Not that it’s going to stop anybody from loving and day dreaming about the Porsche Carrera GT. This V10 beast is one of the last proper super cars belonging to the pre-hybrid era. It is raw, angry, and unforgiving. Above all, though, the CGT is unbelievably beautiful. If we had one of these, we’d probably hire a man for putting the card into the machine!

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