/Man Jumps Over Audi R8 at 150 km/h

Man Jumps Over Audi R8 at 150 km/h

R8 jump 600x334 at Man Jumps Over Audi R8 at 150 km/h

You probably remember this video of a man jumping over a Lamborghini Gallardo at 130 km/h. Now another man saw this video and tought it was an insult to the art of speeding-car-jumping-over thing, of which he is apparently the master. So he decided to teach all car jumping wannabes out there how it’s done.

The car he chose to jump over is an Audi R8 which is considerably taller than the Gallardo. What’s more, the jump was performed at 150 km/h, making it all the more dangerous, and exciting.

Jumping over an Audi R8 at that kind of speed may seem like a pointless thing to do performed by someone who must be clinically insane. But in reality, there is a lot of measuring and calculating going on behind the scenes to make sure an attempt to make a viral internet video doesn’t end up in a hit and run!

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