/P1, GT1 & GT2: Yellow Fever Sweeps Through Cannes!

P1, GT1 & GT2: Yellow Fever Sweeps Through Cannes!

p1 gt1 gt2 600x357 at P1, GT1 & GT2: Yellow Fever Sweeps Through Cannes!

This summer the super car action appears to have moved from Monte Carlo to the neighboring city in the French Riviera, Cannes. The glamorous streets of the city most famous for its annual film festival are chock-full of high-end exotic super cars these days, and that sometimes creates rare and amazing sights like this.

What we have here is two of the world’s most iconic hyper cars, McLaren P1 and Porsche 911 GT1, accompanied by one of the world’s best GT cars, a Porsche 997 GT2. What they all have in common though sit h color yellow!

In this footage you can clearly see the evolution of car pain as well. Whereas the GT1’s yellow is kinda of dull and faded, the P1’s shade is all new and shiny, and the GT2 slots somewhere in the middle. In terms of desirability though, the GT1 comes on top, no argument, owing to its rarity and pedigree.

By WorldSuperCars via GTspirit

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