/Black BMW i8 Spotted in France

Black BMW i8 Spotted in France

black i8 00 600x390 at Black BMW i8 Spotted in France

Even though BMW i8 is not exactly hot news anymore, seeing one out in the wild is still pretty exciting. Guess it’s going to take a while for that futuristic design with its odd details to sink in and people get fully used to it. Here’s an awesome black i8 with blue accents, spotted at a BMW Showroom in Rennes, France.

We are not sure if BMW i8 can be ordered in a one-tone color with all those contrasting accents finished in body color, but we reckon a more gainly like that. And while they’re at it, they may want to change those horribly ugly wheels too!

Apart from those, it is really hard to fault the i8’s design. The car is a hybrid sports car with the performance of a sports car and the efficiency of a small hybrid hatchback, and it looks as complicated as its capabilities, which is a good thing.

Mind you, as we’ve seen in the BMW i8 vs Porsche 911 battle, the performance of this car is not quite up to real sports cars standard, and we’re pretty sure the real-life economy is not going to be mind-bogglingly good, either. But that’s missing the point. The i8 is a compromise between performance and economy, and as far as compromises go, it’s a good’un.

Photos: MaxPredator911

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