/Dragon Bull: Lamborghini Aventador with Capristo Exhaust

Dragon Bull: Lamborghini Aventador with Capristo Exhaust

capristo lambo 600x340 at Dragon Bull: Lamborghini Aventador with Capristo Exhaust

Shooting flames and spitting fire is one of the virtues of the Lamborghini Aventador. Even a standard model with no modification whatsoever is capable of emitting blue stuff from its backside. With a bit encouragement though, you can turns this thing into a fire-breathing monster.

In the case of this monstrous Lamborghini Aventador with its rear bumper off, that encouragement comes in form of a Capristo X-pipe system. See what it can do in the video below:

A lot of people think making exhaust systems is an easy job. You just bend some pipes and there’s your lot. But a lot of engineering goes into making every bit of it, from the headers, to the catalysts, to the muffler which is filled sometimes with three or four different kind of material and pipe designs to eliminate the unwanted noise and enhance the desirable ones.

The Capriso system on this Aventador increases the power output of the engine by nearly 40 horsepower.

Video b NM2255

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