/Next-Gen Audi A4 Rendering Shows Why Change Is Needed

Next-Gen Audi A4 Rendering Shows Why Change Is Needed

Next Gen Audi A4 1 600x358 at Next Gen Audi A4 Rendering Shows Why Change Is Needed

Porsche used to be the car company with the laziest designers, but in recent year Audi has snatched that title from their sister company. Their designers either don’t bother working on a new model for years, or when they do, it’s a nip and tuck kind of thing.

Instead of giving their car a proper makeover, like most “normal” car makers do, Audi designers just stretch a few lines here and make some of the curves more pronounced over there. And then they go to lunch. That’s why all their cars are starting to look the same.

Here’s an speculative rendering of what the next-generation Audi A4 may look like, and even here where the independent designer has free reign, he could not have done much to alter the looks of the car because in order to make it look realistic he had to think like an Audi designer and be content with changing only a few lines. Audi really needs to shake things up a bit. Their sedans always looked kind of dull. Now they are starting to get boring as well.

But if you are an Audi fan do not despair just yet, as change might be on the way. A few days ago Audi announced they will be unveiling a brand-new concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is soon, showcasing an entirely new design direction which will invariably affect the looks of all upcoming models. Can’t wait to see it.

Next Gen Audi A4 2 600x286 at Next Gen Audi A4 Rendering Shows Why Change Is Needed

Renderings by RM Design

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