/Hydrogen-Powered BMW i5 Planned

Hydrogen-Powered BMW i5 Planned

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BMW’s “i” sub-brand is like a skunkworks division inside the company tasked with making futuristic models. They have experimented with hybrid systems in the i8 and electric powertrains in the i3. It is now time to give hydrogen fuel cells a go and they will be doing so with the new BMW i5.

The third i-branded BMW will benefit from the German firm’s partnership with Toyota, one of the world’s leading experts in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Toyota already has a hydrogen-powered production model in form of a family sedan all locked and loaded and ready for launch. BMW, however, does have a bit of time to come up with something good, as the FCV race in Germany has not yet heated up.

That will probably happen some time around 2017 when Mercedes launches a fuel cell B-Class and Audi is said to be releasing a hydrogen A7. There are not details at the moment on the characteristics of the BMW i5, but as the name suggests, it will be bigger than the i3 and will hopefully feature a more appealing design.

Most of experts agree that hydrogen fuel cell technology is a more viable solution than electric motoring. Trouble is, the infrastructure for this technology is in an even sorrier state than that of the EVs. That is the main hurdle in the way of hydrogen cars. The technology is there, ready to go.

Via Autocar

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