/Lexus Hates Electric Cars, Especially BMW i3!

Lexus Hates Electric Cars, Especially BMW i3!

bmw i3 lexus 600x317 at Lexus Hates Electric Cars, Especially BMW i3!

Lexus’ latest commercial for one of their hybrids, the CT 200h, is a rather controversial Funny or Die-style clip in which they take a major swing at all electric cars, BMW i3 in particular. It puts in perspective – and maybe exaggerates a bit – the miseries involved in going on a trip in an EV.

The story begins with a bunch of friends deciding to throw their other friend who is about to have a baby a “dad’chelor” party by taking him to Vegas. Some of them go in the Lexus CT 200h Hybrid, while other – interestingly typified as self-involved douchebags – take the BMW i3. The rest of the script writes itself, doesn’t it?


The fact that BMW i3 can be ordered with a range-extender engine notwithstanding, Lexus does have a point in emphasizing on the troubles of electric motoring. Unless car makers come up with better batteries for these cars, hybrids offer a much more logical way of going green.

The way Lexus reinforces the stereotypes about BMW drivers, however, is a bit immature. Some people still think bashing BMW drivers for the way they used to be like in the past makes them look cultured, which of course it doesn’t. Not anymore.

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