/Driftgasm: Scion FR-S Climbs Burke Mountain Sideways!

Driftgasm: Scion FR-S Climbs Burke Mountain Sideways!

Driftgasm 600x318 at Driftgasm: Scion FR S Climbs Burke Mountain Sideways!

What better way to spend a morning than drift your way up a beautiful mountain road! That’s what professional driver Ryan Tuerck thought when he hit Burke Mountain in Vermont with his purpose-built Scion FR-S. The amount of sideways action in this video will give you a proper driftgasm.

Now, if you think you can do the same with your standard FR-S/GT86/BRZ, you are badly mistaken. Ryan’s Hachi-Roku is equipped with a 600-hp engine and custom everything. Ryan is also a pro, having hooned his skills in that black 1JZ S13 you see halfway through the video. He ain’t no Ken Block, but he’s good.

It is hard to explain the appeal of spending a huge amount money preparing your car for drifting and then spending all your time going sideways to normal people. But car lovers live for just such a scenario. Maybe it’s Top Gear’s fault, maybe it’s just damn good fun. Who knows. All we know is drifting a perfectly tuned car is better than… well, some pretty hard-core R-rated stuff!

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