/Renderings: Audi TT Avant Looks Mighty Impressive

Renderings: Audi TT Avant Looks Mighty Impressive

Audi TT Avant 1 600x346 at Renderings: Audi TT Avant Looks Mighty Impressive

More often than not, the renderings we feature are lightly retouched photos of existing cars, showcasing one or two major changes to the original design. Rarely do the designers put any imagination and creativity into their renderings. This Audi TT Avant though is definitely one of those rare cases.

What designer Theophilus Chin has done here is take a normal car, Audi TT, and mix it with an existing Audi body style, the Avant, to create something that does not make much sense on the surface, but looks absolutely amazing.

The idea of Audi TT Avant does not make sense because Audi already has a successful mid-size wagon car and it comes in many different editions. What’s more, basing an estate on a sports car is kind of like asking a jock to lecture people on the vices of capitalism. It’s just wouldn’t work.

But, and it’s a big but, the low roof line, small windows, and short overhangs of the TT do indeed suit the Avant body style and make look pretty desirable. Theophilus has also modified and tweaked the TT’s own styling details a bit, what with the flared arches and large aero parts, and they cause the whole thing to look just so cool. Maybe Audi should seriously consider this one…

Audi TT Avant 2 600x359 at Renderings: Audi TT Avant Looks Mighty Impressive

Renderings by Theophilus Chin

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