/Wrapping on LSD: WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador

Wrapping on LSD: WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador

WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador 0 600x330 at Wrapping on LSD: WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador

It has always been like this. People try a new thing, wear it out, and when it’s not satisfying anymore, they go berserk with it for one last hit before moving on to something else. That’s how chemical drugs were made. And one such drugs has apparently resulted in this, the most extreme car wrap ever, the WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador.

The guys over at WrapStyle found all the usual matte and chrome and brushed wraps kind of boring. They’ve been done to death. So for this Lamborghini Aventador they came up with a psychedelic design which can only be imagined if you are on a heavy dose of LSD or something like that!

And like most art works created under the influence, WrapStyle Lamborghini Aventador is actually rather wonderful to look at, if a bit too much for sober people to bear. The main feature of this design is, apparently, an electric guitar which has sot of expanded and grown limbs and veins and stuff.

Not sure if it’s strictly legal to drive around Europe in a car that looks like this, as it could be highly distracting for other drivers, but the German owner of this Lambo is reportedly using it without any major issue.

Via WrapStyle

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