/Baby Blue Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary Spotted for Sale

Baby Blue Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary Spotted for Sale

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You have to admit these days, with the sheer number of super and hyper cars available on the market, the Lamborghini Aventador does not have the sparkle it once possessed. But if you want one, you should at least go for a uniquely-specced example, such as this Baby Blue Aventador LP 720-4 Roadster 50th Anniversary edition.

Actually, this Baby Blue Aventador was originally Nero Nemesis which is matte black. But knowing there are loads of matte black Aventadors out there, somebody decided to wrap the car in baby blue, which was the right decision. This car, to out knowledge, is the only Roadster 50th Anniversary in this color in the world.

This car is currently on sale at Lamborghini Newport Beach with only 135 miles on the clock.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 Roadster 50th Anniversary Specs:


  • cc: 6498
  • Liters: 6.5
  • bore: 95.0
  • stroke: 76.4
  • compression ratio: 11.8 (comp ratio)
  • number of cylinders: 12
  • configuration: V
  • valve gear type: double overhead cam (DOHC)
  • variable valve timing/camshaft: yes
  • number of valves per cylinder: 4
  • engine code: L539 (code)


  • measurement standard: EEC
  • Maximum power kW: 530 (kW)
  • Maximum power hp/PS: 720 (hp/PS)
  • rpm for maximum power: 8250 (rpm max hp)
  • maximum torque lb ft: 509 (max torq lb ft)
  • maximum torque Nm: 690 (max torq Nm)
  • rpm for maximum torque: 5500 (rpm max torq)

Power steering

  • vehicle speed proportional: yes
  • type: hydraulic
  • variable rack: –


  • Transmission type: manual
  • number of speeds: 7
  • mode select (auto only): no
  • manual mode (auto only): no
  • shift lever location: column
  • manual sequential: yes
  • automatic mode – manual: yes
  • transmission description: manual sequential with automatic mode (Man seq auto)
  • 7th gear ratio :1: 0.844 (7th)


  • type: wishbone
  • stabilizer bar: yes
  • location: front (frt)
  • location: rear
  • wheel dependence: independent (ind)
  • spring type: coil
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