/Luxury in Motion: Mercedes F 015 Unveiled at CES

Luxury in Motion: Mercedes F 015 Unveiled at CES

Mercedes F 015 0 600x356 at Luxury in Motion: Mercedes F 015 Unveiled at CES

The egg-like concept car Mercedes-Benz has been teasing us with for the past couple of weeks is now on display at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. It is called the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle, and it showcases ideas “developing for the future of autonomous driving.”

Mercedes’ vision for the future of driverless cars goes beyond making them drive by themselves. They want to turn cars into “private retreats” which is a bit disconcerting if you like driving. But you don’t need to worry right now, as Mercedes F 015 previews what will become of cars in the year 2030.

The strange looks of the F 015, which we think are like this because the designers had no idea how cars will looks like in fifteen years, aside, the LiM features a set of LED “mood lights” on the outside which change color depending on manual or autonomous driving.

Being a private lounge, the extremely curvaceous Mercedes F 015 has a vast interior with suicide doors and no B pillars, making it easy to get in and out of, and benefits from lounge chairs and a whole host of communication systems. What’s more, the F 015 features gesture and touch control equipment as well as sensors, cameras, and radars for understanding its surroundings and visualizing it for the passengers on the multitude of screens inside the vehicle.

The most important part of the Mercedes F 015, the autonomous driving part, relies heavily on accurate GPS data and 3D maps, as well as advanced radars and ultrasonic sensors. It is also an interactive system, meaning you can call the car up on your smartphone and ask it to come pick you up. How cool is that!

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