/Geneva Preview: NanoFlowcell Quantino

Geneva Preview: NanoFlowcell Quantino

NanoFlowcell Quantino 1 600x335 at Geneva Preview: NanoFlowcell Quantino

Turns out the Quant F is not the only electric concept visionary firm NanoFlowcell is bringing to this year’s Geneva Motor Show. They also announced the NanoFlowcell Quantino, a compact electric coupe which they believe has “mass appeal.”

Unlike the Quant F which is a big and fairly luxurious saloon, NanoFlowcell Quantino is a small 2+2 car designed mainly for urban use. Duo to its size and purpose, the Quantino (a name which appears to be inspired by that of Quentin Tarantino) only needed a small electric powertrain.

NanoFlowcell insisted on keeping their signature quad-motor design – one for each wheel – but they have gone this time for low-voltage 25kW electric motors generating a combined output of around 140 PS. That gives the car a respectable top speed of 200 km/h or 125 mph, and more importantly, a range of 620 miles, which is mighty impressive.

NanoFlowcell Quantino 2 600x335 at Geneva Preview: NanoFlowcell Quantino

The system powering the electric motors in the NanoFlowcell Quantino uses the same magical ionic liquid introduced in the Quant F. It generates electricity not by mixing oxygen and hydrogen, as in a normal fuel cell, but rather by taking advantage of the reaction between positive and negative charges. the liquid that powers the whole thing comes in two 175 liters tanks, one negative, the other positive.

NanoFlowcell does have production plans for the Quantino, but don’t hold your breath. Their cars are either way too advanced or way too outlandish to be taken seriously. Only time will tell.

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