/Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Pedaling Away His Troubles!

Jeremy Clarkson Spotted Pedaling Away His Troubles!

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Turns out getting fired from Top Gear has profoundly changed Jeremy Clarkson. For one thing, he was spotted riding a bicycle around London. He also looked kind of philosophical and ponderous while pedaling his pains away!

While it’s good to see that having no day job is enabling Clarkson to ride his bicycle more often and do a healthy thing for once, it reminds Top Gear fans that they would have the season finale of season 22 to watch this weekend, if it weren’t for Jezza’s rash reaction to not getting hot food.

Whichever way you cut it, this whole sad episode was Jeremy’s fault for assaulting the producer in charge of getting him dinner. But some hard-core Clarksonists have been posting threats to Oisin Tymon, the producer Clarkson punched, on the social media. Jezza himself acknowledges this, and is asking his fans to leave Oisin alone because “none of this is his fault”:

According to the BBC investigation report, Jeremy Clarkson abused Tymon first verbally, by calling him a ‘lazy Irish c…’ and then physically by throwing a punch that landed on the producer’s face. Clarkson had every intention to hit Tymon again, if it weren’t for Richard Hammond and James May who reportedly restrained him. That is the reason people are now talking about a Police investigation and a possible assault charge against Jeremy. That said, Oisin Tymon is not likely to press charged against Jeremy, mainly because it wasn’t him that told the BBC about the fracas. According to the official report, it was Clarkson himself that notified the managers about what he’d done.

Meanwhile rumors are flying around about the future of Top Gear and what Jeremy might end up doing. Some say he is going to make an independent car show. Time will tell.

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