/Lamborghini Virtual Driving Experience by Samsung

Lamborghini Virtual Driving Experience by Samsung

Lamborghini Virtual Driving Experience 600x362 at Lamborghini Virtual Driving Experience by Samsung

Samsung, as some of you may know, is one of the few gadgets makers seriously working on Virtual Reality. They even offer this technology, albeit a basic version of it, in some of their smartphones like the Note 4. Now they have teamed up with Lamborghini for the first proper Virtual Driving Experience.

So here’s how it basically works: you put on the Samsung Gear VR which is a headset with Oculus technology and then you will immerse in a new dimension that is completely made up. At the Geneva Motor Show Lamborghini showcased this technology with a Virtual Driving Experience in the Huracan. I know the guy sits in an Aventador, but the video he sees in the VR mode is from a Huracan driving in an exuberant manner along the Amalfi Coast:

As for the uses of Virtual Driving Experience technology, well, for starters it enables you to enjoy riding in a Lamborghini supercar, and in later versions maybe even drive it like you would play a virtual reality game in which you interact with the virtual environment. It could also help, as it has been for a while, designers and engineers with the development of new models.

Later on, Lamborghini Virtual Driving Experience will add Strada (Road), a journey to discover the wonders of the town of Amalfi, and Corsa (Race) to experience the thrill of speed on the Imola racing track to the list of its availabel VR modes.

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