/New DeltaWing GT Concept Announced

New DeltaWing GT Concept Announced

DeltaWing GT 600x337 at New DeltaWing GT Concept Announced

We are fairly certain you remember the DeltaWing race car from the years gone by, because who can forget a car shaped like the V-2 rocket. Now DeltaWing Technology Group is working on a new racing program the outcome of which is a new DeltaWing GT race car.

The overall shape and aerodynamic features of the DeltaWing GT will remain unchanged, as will the performance. But the new two-seat performance car will achieve this while using significantly less fuel. And it will be street-legal, of course.

How exactly DeltaWing is going about accomplishing this task is unknown at the moment, but they believe the car’s signature feature, which is narrow front track, will help them big time in their quest as it allows engineers to use much smaller steering, braking, suspension, and other components up front to reduce overall mass and weight. They are even pondering roadster and four-seat versions of the GT.

“This is an important point in the DeltaWing project’s next phase,” said Don Panoz, DeltaWing Technology Group chairman and CEO. “We’ve been very busy leading up to this launch announcement, and we’ll remain quite busy coordinating the race car project’s many details.”

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