/Blacked-Out Ford Excursion on Forgiato Wheels

Blacked-Out Ford Excursion on Forgiato Wheels

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In many ways, Ford Excursion is a car right up Forgiato Wheels’ alley. As we saw a few days ago with their white Hummer H2, these guys like big cars, and cars don’t come much bigger than the Excursion. What’s more, the appearance of the car lends itself beautifully to heavy customization.

So as you would expect, what comes out of the workshop after Forgiato is through with the Ford Excursion is something totally bitchin’. This is now a car fit for those Secret Service agents who got caught doing blow and banging hookers!

Apart from the Forgiato Quattresimo wheels in this car – available in sizes from 19” to 32”, these ones are 28s – which also feature a custom black finish to match the paint job, this truck is completely pimped out with custom grilles, presidential tinted windows, and a full entertainment system with satellite TV, judging by that dish bolted on its roof. Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of the interior.

Basically a F350 truck in a tuxedo, Ford Excursion was one of the silliest cars ever to come out of the Blue Oval. But like everything else silly the truck was strangely lovable. Maybe they should make a new one!

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