/Hennessey Corvette Stingray HPE1000 Gets Dyno’d

Hennessey Corvette Stingray HPE1000 Gets Dyno’d

hennessey corvette c7 600x399 at Hennessey Corvette Stingray HPE1000 Gets Dyno’d

We were expecting the first HPE1000 Hennessey Corvette to be built based on the Z06 model, per John Hennessey’s announcement last year. But the Texan tuner has released a video showcasing the package featured on a normal C7 Stingray model. It is still a pretty dope package though.

As you are about to witness, Hennessey Corvette Stingray HPE1000 puts down 847 hp and 720 lb-ft of torque on the dyno machine and sounds ungodly doing it:

847 horsepower at the wheel means you can bet pretty safely that this engine does make 1,000 horsepower at the crank. Hennessey Corvette Stingray HPE1000 is a great achievement, but that kind of power and noise should come with more serious looks, which is why we think this treatment should be reserved for the Corvette Z06 – unless Hennessey is planning something even better for that car… something with, say, 1,200 horsepower!

The main ingredients of any HPE package include a large supercharger unit complete with all the cooling apparatus needed to keep it at optimum temperature, engine calibration, new gaskets and fluids, and custom exhausts. heavier treatments like the one on this C7 also swaps the engines inner parts such as pistons, rings, connecting rods and so on with higher-performance versions.

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