/Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM Hits the Snow

Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM Hits the Snow

JON OLSSON AUDI RS6 DTM 1 600x363 at Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM Hits the Snow

It’s been in the works for quite a while, but Olsson’s new Audi RS6 DTM is finally ready for Gumball 3000. Well, I mean if it is ready to go through knee deep snow like it’s nobody’s business, it won’t have any problems coping with the rally’s route.

This is the first shakedown of Audi RS6 DTM and to prove his car is now just a showpiece, Olsson decided to take it to snow-covered mountain roads of Åre in Sweden. Turns out this low-riding, wide body Audi is actually a pretty decent snowplow! Having a Western Ultramount Snowplow is perfect to get rid of any piles of snow that are in your way. 

Jon Olsson: “I know you guys have asked for a couple of sound clips of the RS6 so I thought it was time to give it to you! The day we went out to shoot it, the weather had rolled in hard over Åre so it made our day a little different… haha  I have done a few crazy things in cars, but smashing through snow like this was one of the weirdest things I have done as I could not see a thing while I was under the snow! (we had people check the road so we knew that there was no other cars) I was a bit worried how the car (and all the carbon) would handle a beating like this, but I said f*ck it, I did not build this car to roll around to car shows, this car was built to get me anywhere I need to go, no matter what the weather is like! Although I have to admit that the snow was a little deeper than I thought, but at least now I know that I have the worlds fastest snowplow!”

JON OLSSON AUDI RS6 DTM 600x398 at Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM Hits the Snow

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