/BHP Project’s Koenigsegg One:1 in Action at Hypermax

BHP Project’s Koenigsegg One:1 in Action at Hypermax

Koenigsegg One 1 Hypermax 600x352 at BHP Project’s Koenigsegg One:1 in Action at Hypermax

The guys from BHP Project proved they are not mucking about creating a hyper car collection for showing off. They took their recently delivered Koenigsegg One:1 to the Hypermax  hyper car event by Vmax 200 and immediately put it through its paces on the drag strip.

In these runs the Koenigsegg One:1 managed to reach a top speed of 225 mph, having clipped the quarter mile at 135 mph:

What we love about the One:1, apart from the looks, the color, and that sweet soundtrack, is the active aero. You can see how that active rear wing fights the incoming rush of air to find the aerodynamic sweetspot in order to provide the optimum amount of downforce so that the rear wheels would have the best traction possible for the best acceleration possible!

This navy blue Koenigsegg One:1 was not the only interesting hyper car at the Hypermax even though. As you can see in the footage above, the lineup also included gems like Agera, LaFerrari, Enzo, Pagani Zonda F, and Porsche 918 Spyder, to name but a few.

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