/Lamborghini Aventador Burns to a Crisp in Dubai

Lamborghini Aventador Burns to a Crisp in Dubai

lamborghini aventador burns 600x338 at Lamborghini Aventador Burns to a Crisp in Dubai

We have seen many examples of Lamborghinis – and other super cars, for that matter – spontaneously bursting into flames and burning to the ground in Europe and America. This time though, a Lamborghini Aventador decided to commit suicide in Dubai by setting itself on fire.

Logically, Dubai should be the place with the greatest number of super car fires, what with the temperatures being unbearably hot all year round. But the truth is we don’t see that many supercars catching fire over there. When they burn, though, they burn completely, as you can see in this video:


It’s a great shame what became of this expensive, exotic super car. Lamborghini Aventador is not the rarest super car, but they don’t exactly grow on trees, either. As for the cause of fire, well, who cares really. But since it was so strong that it could not be contained with a large fire extinguisher, one would assume it might have had something to do with the fuel system.

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