/$3.4M Lykan Hypersport Joins Abu Dhabi Police Fleet

$3.4M Lykan Hypersport Joins Abu Dhabi Police Fleet

Lykan Hypersport Abu Dhabi 1 600x417 at $3.4M Lykan Hypersport Joins Abu Dhabi Police Fleet

The guys at Abu Dhabi Police watched with gritted teeth as their colleagues at Dubai Police added one supercar after another to their ever-expending fleet of exotic patrol cars. Turns out they were gearing up for something big. Really big. They just unveiled a Lykan Hypersport police car – a hyper car that costs $3.4 million USD!

Now, to be honest with you we’re not sure if they have actually bought this Lykan Hypersport and it’s now an official an Abu Dhabi Police car, or if they just borrowed it from someone to show off with it. But we sincerely hope the latter is the case, because just think what sort of message ADPD would be sending if they actually spend that kind of money on a car they’re not even going to use. You have to be an utter moron to do such a thing.

You have to keep in mind these are grown men who are charged with the job of protecting the citizens’ lives, not petty children who just have to have better toys than the neighbor’s kids. Or maybe they are. It’s a good thing the rulers of Abu Dhabi don’t have worry about tax payer’s money and all that nonsense.

As a reminder, Lykan Hypersport is an extremely rare Middle Eastern hyper car built using bits that are bought from high-end European firms. It is powered by a 770 horsepower RUF-tuned 911 engine and has diamond-encrusted headlights, among other features.

Lykan Hypersport Abu Dhabi 2 600x399 at $3.4M Lykan Hypersport Joins Abu Dhabi Police Fleet

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