/Just an Ordinary Day: Bugatti Bonanza in Monaco

Just an Ordinary Day: Bugatti Bonanza in Monaco

Bugatti Bonanza 600x330 at Just an Ordinary Day: Bugatti Bonanza in Monaco

With the summer just around the corner wealthy people from all over the world are converging in the South of France, mainly cities like Cannes and Monte Carlo. They, of course, bring with them their very best cars – it’s a vacation, after all – and that creates some pretty awesome scenes, like this scarcely believable Bugatti Veyron bonanza that was going on in Monaco just the other day.

In this video you get to see many different version of the Bugatti Veyron including the 16.4, the SuperSport, the Vitesse, a couple of Legends Edition, and a Mansory-tuned version.

Seeing all these exotic cars in the same place within walking distance of each other is pretty good fun for the onlookers. But we wonder if the owners enjoy it as much as the passers-by. I mean, they just get there and drive around in circles around the town all day at 10 km/h. Doesn’t seem awfully exciting to us, but then these guys get their joy out of being noticed by the less fortunate. So it all works out!

Video by Worldsupercars

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