/Need for Speed Gamescom Trailer Reveals the “Icons”

Need for Speed Gamescom Trailer Reveals the “Icons”

need for speed icons 600x256 at Need for Speed Gamescom Trailer Reveals the “Icons”

As the hard-core gamers among you already know, the Need for Speed has become more than just a get-in-and-drive sort of game. Each new edition has a plot and well-rounded characters. You don’t just drive in NFS, you are the protagonist of the story. And the story they have come up with for the latest version of the game is a good’un inspired by real life.

It is inspired by real life in the sense that the five hero characters, or icons, of the game are based on real people, the heroes of the modern car culture. You get to meet them in this new Need for Speed trailer released for Gamescon 2015. See if you recognize them:

The Icons of Need for Speed:


Push the limits with your car to get the attention of Magnus Walker, the king of speed.


Conquer the art of going sideways as you jump and slide your car through drift trails, contests and gymkhana events… all to impress the master of style, Ken Block.


Take your rides to the extreme through performance tuning, and express yourself via visual customisation, as you aim to team up with Nakai-san, the godfather of car modification.


Get to grips with close proximity driving, precise control, drift trains, and slip streaming… all alongside either your online friends or the AI.


Crave the thrill of the chase and become an outlaw. Inspired by Morohoshi-san, a rebel against society rolling the streets in his customised ride… head over and prowl the police district as you bait, mess with and escape from the cops.

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