/Straight-Piped Pagani Huayra Sounds Dirty

Straight-Piped Pagani Huayra Sounds Dirty

Straight Piped Pagani Huayra 600x331 at Straight Piped Pagani Huayra Sounds Dirty

Those of you with good memories will recognize this special Huayra as the one-off La Monza Lisa edition ordered by Kris Singh. That Tricolore stripe by which Lisa is set apart from other models is exclusive to this version, but it’s not the only unique feature on this car. This is also the only straight-piped Pagani Huayra in the world.

And it’s not just any old exhaust system we’re talking about here. The straight-piped Pagani Huayra La Monza Lisa features a custom titanium system which probably costs more than most people’s cars. But it’s been a mod worth the cost, as it gives the Huayra an absolutely awesome soundtrack. Forgive the profanity, but it sounds like a bastard!

Pagani Huayra is powered by an AMG V12 engine, and V12s are inherently quiet engines, especially if you strap two massive turbochargers on them. That is why standard Huayras do not have the great, nasty exhaust note we used to get from the Zonda. Instead, you get loads of turbo whistle and amusing, but not so brilliant wastegate noises. Custom aftermarket exhaust systems are currently the only solution to this issue, until Pagani comes up with their own system in the next iteration of the hyper car.

Video by Marchettino

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