/Is This the Best Looking Aventador Ever or What?

Is This the Best Looking Aventador Ever or What?

Verde Mantis Aventador 50 0 600x417 at Is This the Best Looking Aventador Ever or What?

What you are looking at ladies and gents is a Verde Mantis Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 50° Anniversario, and we are prepared to bet anything that it is, by far, the coolest version of the car you can anywhere in the world!

That is a big leap, yes, but just look at the thing. The 50° Anniversario limited edition visual treatment is the greatest body kit ever designed for the Italian supercar, and the great thing is it comes from the factory. It gives the Aventador Roadster a much more aggressive look with a more prominent front spoiler and a bolder rear diffuser. And then of course there is that color which looks its best under the sunlight.

We wonder, if Lamborghini could design such a nice kit for the Aventador, what were they thinking when they came up with the new SuperVeloce? That came after the 50° Anniversario model and it should have looked even better. But the kit on the SV is designed more for functionality than aesthetics. And that is why the 50° Anniversario is still our favoritest Lambo ever. Check out some delicious pictures of DoctaM3’s Roadster in the gallery below (Photos by Bennett Lunceford):

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