/Lewis Hamilton Gets a Mercedes Maybach S600

Lewis Hamilton Gets a Mercedes Maybach S600

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We are having a hard time understanding the new hair color Lewis Hamilton is sporting these days. But you have to give it to him, he’s made Formula 1 cool again. And it s a new kind of cool, a more hip kind rather than the old F1 glamour which, in all honesty, was a bit pretentious.

Lewis hangs out with the Hollywood A-listers and has many friends in the music business. He dates pop stars, and he has so many tattoos, doctors get dizzy when they have to give him a physical. Where does Lewis find time between all this to win so many races, we have no idea.

But we like the man and we’re happy that he’s got yet another cool “whip” in form of a white Mercedes Maybach S600. Whether he’s bought this bad boy or it’s a gift from Mercedes F1 is not clear. But either way, the car is a nice complement, and a different addition, to Lewis Hamilton’s exquisite collection which also includes a blue McLaren P1 and a purple Pagani Zonda.

Mercedes Maybach S600 is powered by a 530 horsepower V12 engine. But one would imagine Lewis will not be driving this car himself, but ride in the back, thinking about the next pop singer he wants to date.

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