/Rendering: ARES Design Mercedes G63 Concept

Rendering: ARES Design Mercedes G63 Concept

ARES Design Mercedes G63 0 600x396 at Rendering: ARES Design Mercedes G63 Concept

We have already showed you what ARES Performance has in store for the Mercedes G-Class in terms of a tuning package. But that’s just the beginning. It these renderings of ARES Design Mercedes G63 concept are anything to go by, the tuner has bigger plans for the iconic SUV.

ARES makes no secret of the fact that they badly want to be a coach-builder and not just an ordinary tuner of high-end cars. The world has enough of those. Their interest in coachbuilding is often mixed with their love of SUVs, as seen with what they proposed with this Bentley SUV. ARES Design Mercedes G63 takes a different approach in the sense that it is a much more sporty proposition, featuring big power and custom design.

The conversion kit ARES has come up with for the G63 include completely new carbon fiber body panels that give the car the look of a futuristic concept, 24 inch 3 piece ultra light forged off-road wheels, raised suspension, bespoke interior, and a 750 horsepower powertrain, presumably based on the existing 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8 engine. Needless to say, it is a hugely appealing proposition.

ARES has not set a date for when, or if, they get around making this G63 concept. They should probably do some research first to find out if people are going to like what they have done to the looks of the big G. After all, they have completely changed the iconic design of the SUV, which is frankly the main reason for buying this car. 

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