/Mako Blue Aston Martin One-77 Sighted in France

Mako Blue Aston Martin One-77 Sighted in France

Aston Martin One 77 spot 0 600x354 at Mako Blue Aston Martin One 77 Sighted in France

This stunning Aston Martin One-77 you see here was spotted the other day in the serene town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer in France. It sports a unique color which, in our opinion, is the loveliest and most special paint job the British hyper car came with.

Now, since all cool super car colors have cool and elegant names this days, we had a look around to see what Aston calls this shade of blue, and we found that it is closest to a production color called Mako Blue. But Aston Martin One-77 being a special project car, it’s been given an extra twist and the result is this utterly magnificent color you see here.

But who cares what a color is called, as long as it looks so thoroughly beautiful. Some say Aston Martin One-77 looks at its best regardless of the color, but we have pictures of a white one that beg to differ. There is no getting away from the fact that the One-77 has a controversial front-end design. The right color does cover up some of the insecurities the car might feel in that area.

The 1,500kg, 700 horsepower One-77 was a million pound car when it was first launched and these days it commands astronomical prices. That is why it is so cool to see one out and about.

Photos by Wheelson via Autogespot

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