/Rendering: Audi RS4 Ute Is a Surprisingly Good Idea!

Rendering: Audi RS4 Ute Is a Surprisingly Good Idea!

Audi RS4 Ute 600x323 at Rendering: Audi RS4 Ute Is a Surprisingly Good Idea!

Being an Australian contribution to the world of motoring, Utes are traditionally based on massive muscle cars with big engines, stuff that can handle the hardships of the Australian way of life. But what if they were more sophisticated, like this Audi RS4 Ute you see here?

Now, some of may thing it’s a terrible idea to turn a sports sedan, or estate, into a pickup truck. But if you think about it, Audi RS4 Ute actually makes some sense. The car has a powerful engine. It has four-wheel-drive. And Audi’s legendary quality means it can take whatever outback punishment you can throw at it without falling into pieces.  This car would be the ideal Ute for the polished and sophisticated outback farmer, if such a thing existed.

Just about the only problem we see with it is the cost. The RS4 is an expensive piece of machinery and if you were to convert it into a Ute, it would cost even more. It is also expensive to maintain, as all high performance cars are.  So in a way, Audi RS4 Ute runs in the face of everything the Utes stand for, which is a cheap and cheerful all-in-one sort of a vehicle. You can’t deny it would make a coolass cruiser though!

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