/Showing Off Cost This Guy His Lamborghini Aventador!

Showing Off Cost This Guy His Lamborghini Aventador!

aventador flame 600x338 at Showing Off Cost This Guy His Lamborghini Aventador!

It’s a sad thing, what’s happened to this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – which appears to be the 50th Anniversary edition – but some people may rejoice at the sight of this car going up in flames as a result of its driver showing off. The guy was revving his V12 at a set of lights, thinking he’s looking so cool. In reality though, he was looking hot… like massive flames hot.

The best part is the driver of the Lamborghini Aventador remains oblivious to the fire until the whole car is engulfed. So there’s probably more to this bad just bad luck, or instant karma.


You may get away with mindlessly revving your super car in London or Cannes or some place where the weather is actually nice. But you must not do it in the desert heat of Dubai. Well, this guy probably has a few more of these at home, so who cares.

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