/Rendering: Audi S8 Wagon

Rendering: Audi S8 Wagon

Audi S8 Wagon 600x340 at Rendering: Audi S8 Wagon

We’re pretty sure some of you may have gotten a massive wagon boner after seeing this. This is the kind of wagon, one would imagine, a mob boss would run as his family car. This Audi S8 Wagon looks so cool, it makes the RS6 look like a Korean hatchback.

Sadly, it is not a real thing. The Audi S8 Wagon is a design exercise by independent designer Rain Prisk who wanted to know what the S8 super sedan looks like in estate guise. The answer to that is pretty friggin’ awesome… once you have lowered the ride height and fitted some huge wheels.

Audi was the pioneer of high-powered wagons and for years they’re run this segment with cars like the RS4 and RS6. Making a wagon version of the S8, though, does not make much business sense for them, as that car belong to the luxury segment and buyers in that market don’t really need much luggage room. They have large SUVs for that.

Still, this imaginary Audi S8 Wagon could inspire some coachbuilders to create something similar. It could even get Audi thinking maybe they should make a shooting brake version of this car, even just as a concept.

Rendering by Rain Prisk Designs

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