/Spotlight: Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe

Spotlight: Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe

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One of the biggest attraction of this year’s Brussels Motor Show was the classic car section hosted in a retro location and including some pretty wonderful gems. Among those gems one car captured our attention, and that was the magnificent 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe.

Finished in a lovely cream and preserved in pristine condition, this Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe is one of those cars they would send to space… if someday they wanted to host an intergalactic exhibition of human achievements for the alien races to see. It would be displayed next to the works of Rembrandt and da Vinci. It is that good.

But if you fancy owning it here on earth, it is possible, but you have to set aside 2,400,000 Euros which is what a Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe costs today. Next year, it will probably be five million. But if you do get it, besides the gorgeous looks you also receive a 3.3 liter Ferrari V12 engine with 300 horsepower and a heavenly soundtrack. Not that you would drive this car very often. It’d be like using a tracing paper on the Mona Lisa.

Photos by Julien Morin Photographie

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