/Lamborghini Centenario – Is This it?

Lamborghini Centenario – Is This it?

Lamborghini Centenario maybe 600x296 at Lamborghini Centenario   Is This it?

The first photo of what’s believed to be the long-rumored Lamborghini Centenario has hit the web ahead of the car’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini has done a pretty good job keeping the new model under wraps, but you can’t keep something like this a secret forever.

It has not yet been confirmed if what we’re looking at is the Lamborghini Centenario itself or just an artist’s impression of what it may look like. The car sure looks crazy enough to be Lambo’s new ultra-expensive, limited edition, Aventador-based hyper car. But then again, it has the Huracan’s face and looks way too outlandish, even by Lamborghini’s standard.

That, and the fact that Lamborghini Centenario marks the 100th anniversary of the brand, makes us think this image may not be the real deal, at least not completely. It doesn’t look cool enough for a 100th anniversary gift. But as we know from the Veneno, Lamborghini is not very picky with the design of their limited edition models, so…

Stay tuned for the official details over the coming hours and days.

Photo via Marchettino

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