/Clarkson, Hammond and May Spotted in a Bigfoot Mercedes!

Clarkson, Hammond and May Spotted in a Bigfoot Mercedes!

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So while the new Top Gear crew is sweating out of their heads putting together the first episodes for their debut season filming in America and South Africa, the old TG boys – Clarkson, Hammond and May – seem to be having a lot of fun with their new Amazon show. Recently they were spotted sailing in Barbados and now they were caught driving around Surrey in a custom bigfoot Mercedes SLC.

So basically they are doing what they used to do on the previous show, only more of it as Amazon is an overall less restricted organization than the BBC. It is not likely they run of money on this show, no matter what they get up to. What’s particularly amazing is that Clarkson, Hammond and May do not seem to be even making an effort with the new program. It just looks like a big vacation for them, as opposed to what the new Top Gear team is going through, which looks like a drag even in the pictures.

So whatever Jezza, Slow, and Hamster are cooking, it’s going to be like the good old days with three overgrown children falling about and catching fire a lot. We know so far they are going to have a three-way with three hyper cars, do something with in the water in Barbados, and most likely have an off-road challenge of some kind, at least if this modified Mercedes SL convertible with its jacked-up ride height and massive monster truck wheels is any indication. Come to think of it, Clarkson getting canned was the best thing that could happen to him.

Via Guardian

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