/Spotlight: Lamborghini Huracan Ad Personam

Spotlight: Lamborghini Huracan Ad Personam

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If you couldn’t get your hands on the new limited edition Avio version of the Lamborghini Huracan, so not despair. The car maker has a program called Ad Personal through which you can basically build your own one-off Lambo. Here we have two examples of what can be achieved with this.

These Ad Personam Huracans features matte paint finishes as well as exclusive stripes and interior highlights. There were both delivered to clients in Hong Kong, which is a market with a huge appetite for special treatments. After all, everyone and their dog has a Lamborghini over there, so you need exclusive options and colors if you want to stand out.

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Our favorite of these two Ad Personam Huracans is the matte purple one with the tan leather interior. It hasn’t got carried away the way that matte white example has, what with all the red stripes and accents it’s sporting. The latter also features a custom two-tone interior with black and white leather and red contrast stitching, red seat belts, white seats, and a rather cool steering wheel with white top.

Engine-wise, custom Huracans get the same 610 horsepower V10 engine as regular models, but you can order a custom exhaust system if you think special colors are not enough to turn necks and you want the exhaust note to reinforce it.

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