/Gallery: BMW M4 GTS and the Ancestors

Gallery: BMW M4 GTS and the Ancestors

M4 GTS shoot 0 600x371 at Gallery: BMW M4 GTS and the Ancestors

On the occasion of the press launch event for the new BMW M4 GTS in Barcelona, Spain, the Bavarian auto maker has released a new set of photos of the car along with its predecessors, E46 BMW M3 CSL, E92 BMW M3 GTS, E36 BMW M3 GT, and the E30 BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

So from the beginning BMW knew that their M fans are not going to be satisfied with the standard version of the high performance models and came up with various ultra-high performance models to keep them happy. The question is though, which one of these hot M Bimmers is the coolest?

Obviously, if you are a millennial you will have the BMW M4 GTS because it is the latest and greatest and that to you means better, like the latest Playstation or iPhone. But those of a more sentimental disposition will tell you that the E30 M3 is the king of them all on account of its pure and unadulterated driving experience.

Then we have those who think a performance car must have a V8 engine. This group favor the M3 GTS and its manly motor, dismissing the rest of the batch as cars for sissies. As for the M3 GT, unfortunately it remains the most uninteresting member of 3 Series’ performance family.

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