/Midnight Purple Pearl Aston Martin Vulcan Lands in the U.S.

Midnight Purple Pearl Aston Martin Vulcan Lands in the U.S.

Midnight Purple Vulcan 0 600x310 at Midnight Purple Pearl Aston Martin Vulcan Lands in the U.S.

While the first Aston Martin Vulcan, the famous red one we’ve featured here a few times, is still sitting at Aston Martin Cleveland showroom waiting for a wealthy buyer, a second example of the hyper track car arrives the dealership. This one will probably makes the first Vulcan harder to sell because this one has a much cooler color.

Which one would you choose if you have $2.5 million lying around and wanted to blow it up on a track toy: the red Vulcan or the magnificent Midnight Purple Pearl?

Midnight Purple Vulcan 00 600x259 at Midnight Purple Pearl Aston Martin Vulcan Lands in the U.S.

Yep, it’s the latter every time, even though in most lights it looks plain black. But Aston Martin Vulcan is cooler even in black than red. Still, if you are undecided, the best course of action would be to raise five million dollars and buy them both!

Via Aston Martin Cleveland

Aston Martin Vulcan Highlights:


  • Using the learning from One-77, we have designed and created an all-new tub. This incorporates a new rear scuttle and tunnel for the integrated roll-cage and a new rear ‘doghouse’ subframe to package the transmission, suspension and increased loading from the rear wing.
  • The use of Carbon Fibre for the whole chassis provides the perfect combination of a lightweight but incredibly stiff structure that provides a strong foundation with which to build Vulcan around it.
  • Produced by Multimatic, the raw tub weighs around 180 kg, and is produced over four days by a dedicated team of 9 people in Canada. It passes into the ‘autoclave’ oven three times.


  • Designed and developed in conjunction with Motorsport Partner, Aston Martin Racing, the unique engine is based around the architecture of the engine found in our GT3 race car, the naturally aspirated V12 has been enlarged to 7.0 and comprises a new block, pistons, liners, conrods, crank – all controlled by a Cosworth ECU.
  • The engine is located completely behind the front axle for better weight distribution and therefore dynamic performance.
  • The engine will feature 3-position adjustable power outputs which allows the driver to unleash true performance potential as their track skills develop.


  • Supplied by world-renowned motorsport transmission manufacturer Xtrac, the 6-speed transaxle sequential gearbox is controlled by steering wheel-mounted paddles (not fixed on steering column).
  • The 600E gearbox houses a straight-cut gearset with drop gears to the crown wheel and pinion and, at 200+ mph, is geared for a higher top speed than our GT race cars (depending on tyre and downforce set up).
  • Compared to a standard 600 gearbox the design for the Aston Martin Vulcan features a higher grade of steel for the gears as well as a unique set of gear ratios.
  • The gearbox weighs only 70 kg and features a lightweight aluminium casing.


  • The front suspension is comprised of a Double wishbone arrangement with anti-dive geometry operated via a pushrod mechanism.
  • The rear suspension comprises Independent double wishbones with anti-squat and anti-lift geometry, again pushrod operated.
  • The front and rear anti-roll bars are also adjustable.
  • The dampers are of a 4-way adjustable design featuring Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) technology. These state-of-the-art valves enable both high and low speed bump and rebound to be adjusted independently on each individual damper.
    Blue = (B)ump, Red = (R)ebound
  • The rear dampers are horizontally opposed whereas the front dampers are mounted front to rear to enable weight save.

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