/Eye Candy: Violet Aston Martin DBS

Eye Candy: Violet Aston Martin DBS

Violet Aston Martin DBS 0 600x341 at Eye Candy: Violet Aston Martin DBS

This is interesting. Who would order a Violet Aston Martin DBS, and to whom it might appeal? We reckon this car was built solely for the purpose of fooling the spouses of rich men. This thing has got to be the best “sorry I cheated on you” apology gift ever!

Objectively, this Violet Aston Martin DBS is not something we would approve of because we can’t think of any situation where it wouldn’t make you look like a berk. That is, unless you are the wife of a cheating rich man. This car works best as what we have called it here: eye candy. So let’s stop trying to make sense of it right now and check out more photos of it.

Oh, and in case you are interested in buying it, you can’t. This car was sold by Alain Class Motors long ago. Sorry, you’re going to have to find another way to fool your wife.

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